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RecApp analyzes customers behavior when they are shopping and recommend products they would like to buy

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RecApp product recommendation

Smart product recommendation

Reach new customers quickly and easily. RecApp analyzes visitor behavior when they are shopping and recommends products they would like to buy.

Real time sales

Real time sales

We guarantee real-time sales in one step. RecApp is working for you and gives you a new step forward to a satisfied customer.

Still fast store

Still fast store

We still keep your store fast. Our widget loads after your page and doesn't block its operation at all. Just enjoy your new store feature.

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We belive in "Less is more" philosophy. "Set and forget" is our moto

Choose Technology

Highly optimized new technologies with a very affordable price.

Setup Workflows

Extremely powerful sales/communication/marketing system that boosts your sales and converts visitors into buyers.

Learn from Data

Displaying personalized product recommendations based on each shopper's unique shopping taste and intent.

Scale Up

Real time recommending and guiding your customers to discover the products that best match their needs.

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