RecApp real time product recommendation
Are you ready to sell more?

It's easy to get started – it only takes a few minutes. No coding or template modification is required. After you install the app, we begin to track and analyze every visitor's unique browsing and buying behavior in your store.

We give you a way to provide a personalized recommendation on your store. We understand that it's more important to get a few functionalities 100% right then offer you a ton of functionality you don't use.

Welcome by RecApp team
Welcome by RecApp team

RecApp is a smart real-time product recommendation app that helps you gain, maintain, or increase your market share. It keeps your store more competitive, and successful.

RecApp is an app that users experience as immediate and instantly fulfills the computation; they have no difficulty with speed loading of the desired products and the offer of recommended items.

This app will help you promote your store, your offers and reward your customer with more new products by showing them ideas for products they want to buy. Smart product recommendation widgets will look like a natural part of your store.

We still keep your store fast because of our widget loads after your page, and it does not block your store's execution.

Development in progress

We are constantly developing and improving our product. This is the way to move forward and give you and us chance to grow and prosper.

If you missing some feature or have any other issues please contact us

Improve your sales and be more competitive with our smart and realtime product recommendation app, RecApp.

Welcome by RecApp team

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