How to Reach New Customers with the Recommendation app?

Discover a powerful app strategy and get more sales on Shopify stores.

Sell more with real time product recommendation app RecApp on Shopify

Many of us have at least once in our life encountered insufficient sales on our webshop. How to sell products and retain customers sometimes seems like an impossible mission.

Although online shopping has become an everyday way of our lives, it is still difficult to know how to offer customers what they need most and what interests them.

One of the tools available in the Shopify app store are apps designed to help you sell your products in a variety of ways.

In this post, we will introduce you to the RecApp - Shopify app created to recommend products to customers in real-time. Real-time recommendation engines are key to the success of any online business. Moreover, a real-time recommendation engine that we implemented into RecApp offers the ability to instantly capture any new interests shown in the customer's current visit.

We'll explain why RecApp is important, explain how RecApp works and provide 8 explanations if you're new to Shopify.

What is RecApp and Why Does it Matter?

RecApp is a real-time personalized product recommendation app created for Shopify. The app is designed to recommend and suggest to customers products that might interest them. RecApp can do that thanks to a machine learning algorithm that knows what products your customers have already purchased or reviewed in your store.

The key technologies that we used in creating personalized real-time recommendations are the graph database and machine learning algorithm. Based on these technologies, the app allows your webshop to increase conversions, conversion rates and average order values while improving the user experience.

It's very important to understand the way how RecApp works for you. For example, if your customer bought the same shirt in 3 colors, there is a good chance that he will like the same shirt in the new color.

Also, it's important to understand what your customers like to buy because it is a way to boost your sales. When you recommend products to your customers that you think they would like, you can improve their shopping experience and get more sales.

The more personalized the experience, the better.

How the app works for you and the benefits of using RecApp

It's easy to get started - it only takes a few minutes. No coding or template modification is required.

After you install the app from Shopify App Store, we start to track and analyze the unique browsing and buying behavior of every visitor on your store.

The user of your store perceives the application as current and they have no difficulty with speed loading of the desired products and the offer of recommended items.

The app generates personalized product recommendations with user data taken from your website. Ideally, the app will only show your customers products that they actually would like to buy. Personalized recommendations will make your customer feels like your shop was created just for them.

RecApp benefits

8 explanations of how RecApp can boost your sales

  1. RecApp is a smart app - our recommendation algorithm predicts which products your customer may want to buy next. When you install the app at your store, RecApp will automatically recommend products to your customers who are most likely to buy. By increasing the number of your customers and their orders, the algorithm is improved and allows your customers to order the desired products more efficiently. With more created orders in your store, the app is smarter and gives your customers more precise recommendations for the desired items. That's how RecApp is working smartly for you.
  2. RecApp recommends in realtime - every shopper is unique and we can't offer the same items to every customer. When shoppers visit your store and want to buy some items, the app recommends products to them based on previous shopping behaviour and that is relevant for creating a recommendation in real-time. This means that the app creates a personalized recommendation for customers at the moment when they are viewing items - the results are not predetermined. With each new order, the app is getting better at offering new products to your customers.
  3. RecApp is a personalized product recommendation app –when a customer browses your store, the app displays the most relevant products your customer is most likely to buy. By default, the application is located just below the item that the customer is currently viewing. In that way, it creates a direct link to other relevant products and offers new products to your customer for consideration.
  4. RecApp identifies the most relevant items from your offer and places them in front of your customer- without you doing any of the work. By recommending, the app makes their purchasing decisions easier by bringing attention to the products that your customers would love to buy next.
  5. RecApp presents a product page tailored to the needs and interests of your customers. The app uses a smart algorithm that shows exactly those products which your visitors already have on their mind. Personalized recommendations will make that your customers feel like your shop was created just for them.
  6. RecApp always looking at what those criteria are and figuring out the "why" behind what people are buying. Knowing what your customers like to buy, the app creates a recommendation of new products based on what other customers have bought or considered and who was also interested in the same or similar products.
  7. We always give the right number of recommendations to your customers to consider. The app recommends four new different items every time when customers click on some products in your store. Don't forget that RecApp makes a personalized recommendation.
  8. We have created a dedicated application - the purpose of a personalized product recommendation is to suggest something to your customers that will be really useful to them.
RecApp recommendations

# Tips and Reminders for RecApp

We offer you a better understanding of your customer's behaviour, we provide better results faster, and boost your sales.

Your visitors are more likely to spend money and return to a site that makes them feel valued with personalized offers that are tailored to their needs. They will be happy, which also means your conversion rates will soar.

  • we make sure that your offer isn't static
  • we make product discovery as easy as possible
  • we follow users interests
  • we help you reach a profitable and sustainable business
  • a satisfied customer is the best customer

When you show customers relevant products, they are more likely to make a purchase - and come back again.

Personalized product recommendations make it easy for customers to find what they want to buy. The smoother you can make their experience, the more positively they'll think of you.

If you are ready to sell more, visit our page RecApp for more information and see the app in action.

Do You Want To Boost Your Sales?

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